Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So im a Makeup Artist, NOW WHAT?

Many recent makeup artist tend to get lost in the beginning of their career and shortly after graduating from a makeup school. Its common to feel lost, mislead, frustrated, and many just give up.

One of the main reason this happens is because YOU really don't follow up with your goals and aspirations of YOUR own career. But don't feel bad, most people can get that feeling too! ( I did once upon a time 14 years ago).

Step 1 - Its always about education, practicing, and growing! 

Step one is to continue to practice at home with friends, neighbors, and family. Honing your skills and always practicing is a secret of many professional makeup artist. "You must become 1 with your brushes, makeup, and SKILLS". Practice makes perfect, and perfect get your paid! Remember to take digital photos of your work so you can compare and see the growth and development of your skills. Lear to note and seek the difference when you start to become GREAT! Ask the opinion of other makeup artist so that they can also see your progress in others eyes and their assessment of your work.

Step 2 - Creating your portfolio and marketing collateral- YOU, as the brand! 

Once you have studied and practiced your little heart out, your next step is to TEST SHOOT with a photographer. This is very easy and very important to start to build your portfolio and your image. Testing is important for all parties involved, you, the photographer, model, and stylist. TFP means TRADE FOR PICTURES and its a term you need to be familiar with. At test shoots basically no once gets paid, you might even need to purchase extra makeup and supplies for this day of testing.  Doing a TFP shoot is a great way to get a few pictures for your marketing collateral i.e. portfolio, website, business cards, comp cards and social media sites.

Consider telling a story of the makeup that you want to do on the day of the test shoot - make sure to do your research on current trends (www.Style.com) to familiarize yourself with whats relevant and current.
Next is to come up with a mood board of images you have collected and want to use as inspiration (not to copy).

Step 3 - Step 3 is to follow this blog and use it as your bible and go to map for inspiration and guides!

I have no secrets and will not hold back on any information on anything that will allow you to become the best.

with love,

Adrian Villa

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