Tuesday, March 15, 2011


When I talk to many makeup artist, stylist, and hair dressers about books and references that they have or have heard of most of them have the usual recycled old KEVIN AUCOIN book. By all means you should have it, its a must have. WELL that is not GOOD enough, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE BEST of the best. 

The ONE book that will literally take you from behind the makeup counter, to working on sets is 
THE HAIR, MAKEUP, & STYLING CAREER GUIDE by Author Crystal Wright. This top selling book has everything you need and want to know.  You will learn 

Whether you are a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist, manicurist, or just have a yin for fashion, achieving the status of a top celebrity stylist in this highly competitive, $4 billion beauty industry means planning to work and working the plan.

The "Career Guide" is a virtual Step-by-Step instruction guide on: 

–getting jobs,
–finding an agent,
–testing with photographers,
–building a book,
–setting a day rate for your services,
–creating a comp card
–negotiating with art directors, editors, producers,
–formulating a resume
–assisting, and much much more!

Throughout the book, celebrity styling agent Crystal Wright illustrates her professional philosophies with quotes, advice and anecdotes from well known art directors, photographers, fashion editors, record company executives and artists representatives, many of whom are pictured throughout the book. Each chapter also includes space for notes.

Crystal Wright's Hair, Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide is the OFFICIAL text book for fashion styling courses at the following prestigious colleges:

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) - New York
Miami International University (Art Institute)
The International Academy of Design - Orlando
George Brown University in Toronto, Ontario Canada 

WORKSHOPS by Crystal Wright 


Join Crystal Wright, author of The Hair, Makeup and Styling Career Guide, for an action-packed 2-Day “Build Your Portfolio and Marketing” is a “mini-MBA” course for freelance stylists you'll master the basics of self-promotion, goal-setting, creating a portfolio to show agents and talent executives, how to get on the assistants lists, how much to charge and how to negotiate. They are equipped with the right tools to launch a career in print, video, film, and TV. 

You can read all about it and make your own educated decision by visiting WWW.CRYSTALWRIGHTLIVE.COM 
I did and made my world and career lots better! 

with love, 

Adrian Villa 
the makeup artist 

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