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Isle DO! The Ins & Outs of the Bridal Industry

The Bridal Industry has always been to me an avenue that brings me constant business. Most of my clients now come to me from a referral and word of mouth. That doesn't stop me from   marketing myself to clients in that particular industry, my approach to brides is way different than any other part of the industry. My ultimate goal is to be the ultimate service provider, and make her feel and look beautiful (in her own way). As an artist, we should feel amazing taking part in a woman's most important day on her life. 

5 Tips to a successful bridal business 

  1. Market yourself towards the bridal industry: Close attention to your business cards, website, service menu, and your email signature is very important. Have images that relate to this special business. 
  2. Knowing everything & everyone in this business only makes you more marketable. Making connections and making yourself to wedding coordinators, wedding stylist, hair dressers, and many more industry related people can bring you more business. Let people know who you are and what you do! 
  3. Your Bridal Portfolio- If communication is your weakness, then the best thing for you to carry along with you other than your makeup kit is a book of references. 
  4. Bridal Contract: It is important for you to follow strict professional business practices so that your clients take you serious and know what they are signing up to. As a independent contractor you will need to have your own Bridal Contract. I will have a link of an example for you to review. This is also great because it sets high expectations and clear communication. 
  5. Let your clients know how much they mean to you and your business. One of the best things to do is to write hand written thank you cards, not emails to your clients. This takes your image to a whole new level.
Makeup Services Menu and Examples 
Makeup Artist Service Rates
  • Bridal Trial (Studio Only) - $75.00 
  • Traditional Bridal Makeup - $175.00 (On location) 
  • Air Brush Bridal Trial (Studio Only) - $90.00
  • Air Brush Makeup Application - $275.00 
  • Brides Maids $125.00 
  • Men’s Grooming $100.00 
The above service menu is per hour. Additional attention and more time is listed below. Please choose from Day rate or Half day rate. 
Day Rates (On Location)
  • * Day Rate - $700.00 
Many Brides may request Shelly to customize 2 looks, 1 for the ceremony and another for the evening. The artist will stay for up to 7 hours touching up the bride to assure assure picture perfect makeup! Additionally, the Bride keeps the following products for her honey moon touch ups! Powder Foundation, Lipstick, and Lipgloss. ( A $90.00 value) 
  •         * Half Day Rate  - $350.00
    The artist will stay for up to 4 hours to maintain consistency throughout the wedding. Assuring that makeup for photographs and ceremonies are kept beautiful and perfected. 
Additional Makeup Services 
  • Customized Lashes - $20.00 (Individual or Strip) - This is a undetectable lash application that is artistically cut to fir your eyes. Using hand made natural hair and water proof to last all night.
  • Tattoo Coverage - Starting at $15.00 up to $30.00 each and depending on the tattoo's size and color. Coverage is waterproof and non-transfer resistant. 
  • Body Tanning (Air Brush) - $175.00 *Does not streak, smell, and dries with in 7 minutes. Color will show in 1 day. This application is only available 3 Days prior to wedding day.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Groom's grooming - $100.00. This is a no makeup look that ensures picture perfect skin, and facial hair grooming. 30 minutes is required for the groom. 
  • Body Washing- $50.00 - A light weight makeup application to the d├ęcolletage, arms, and back (where exposed) to cover redness, pimples, and discoloration. 
TOP 5 Bridal Tips to communicate with your brides. 
  1. Never TAN on the day of your wedding! Tanning should be a natural and gradual service that usually starts up to 2 1/2  weeks prior to the Wedding date. 
  2. DON’T go for FACIALS days before the wedding! Although facials are great, you can really bring out acne congestion from with in the skin and wake up with pimples on the day of the wedding. Try to work with your Aesthetician weeks before your wedding. 
  3. Don’t try a new skin care regime, you don’t know if you might have an allergic reaction on the products and experimenting is not ideal! 
  4. Don’t try a new hair cut or hair color. ITS A CHEMICAL disaster waiting to happen! Consult your hair stylist weeks before the wedding, 
  5. DO eat plenty of healthy foods that can benefit the skin! Like Salmon, grains, and fruit! 
  1. Drink plenty of water to push stress and toxins away from your skin, This will also plum up your skin and give it a healthy appearance. 
Questions to ask the Bride:
  1. What DON’T you want to look like on your wedding day?
  2. What colors and textures DON’T you like? 
  3. What colors do you want to use on your eyes, lips, and cheeks?
  4. Are you being photographed in color, black & white?
  5. Are you being filmed in HD?
  6. What is your theme of the wedding?
  7. What time of the day is the wedding?
  8. What is the color and story for the brides maids?
  9. Will you be changing your dress after the ceremony?
  10. Are you allergic to any type of makeup? Any particular ingredient?
  11. Do you wear false lashes? - Are you allergic to LATEX? 
References that are valuable to you!
Books: The Business of Bridal Beauty, Maurer
Makeup: The Art of Beauty: Mason
Wedding Ceremonies: Ethnic Symbols, Costume & Rituals (Baldizzioni.) I Do: 100 Years of Wedding Fashion (Cox)
Magazines: Inside Weddings, Continental Bride, Sposabella
Websites: theknot.com, weddingchannel.com, nymetro.com, theperfectface.com, adrianvilla.com, http://www.adrianvilla.blogspot.com

Most Requested Makeup Looks

Natural: Natural makeup is soft, beautiful, and balanced. Yet it needs to be strong enough for pictures. This does not necisarilly mean more foundation, but subtle contouring and defining the eyes.

Smokey Eyes:    Keep in mind that this look has its diversity when it comes to the amount of color saturation with the smoked eye. Having a few variations as visual can help you determine the amount of depth of color you will apply to your bride. I mean, I have had brides request a GLITTERY SMOKEY STRIPER EYE- if that's what she wants who are we to say NO! We are to interpret makeup concepts, not dictate them! 

Classic Modern Bride 

Attention on the Lips:

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