Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Blurred Lines"

My Eye Favorite Eye Liners, Tools,  & Looks!

I was recently asked what my favorite Liquid Eye liner was.
While I, as a male don't use eye liner on myself;  (I could rock a Guy-Liner, NO?) I do frequently use a few of my favorite liquid liners on models, clients, and makeup guinea pigs. (oink!)

OK, let me get some of my favorite products out the way so I can also show you some examples and tools to apply the nerve wrecking liquid black eye liner. Here's a tip, stay cool and no coffee or Red-Bull before applying any liquid eye liner, or you'll end up with a self inflicted raccoon eye!


1: Yves Saint Laurent- "Eyeliner Baby Doll 
Retail: $34US Buy Here
Why I love it? This black eyeliner has a firm yet flexible precision brush that draws a bold, even and long-lasting line. Dries fast into a "very" black line but a firm and steady hand is needed. (and a bit of courage) 

Backstage Tip: Start with a taupe eye shadow and an angle brush to draw your "pre-map" of the desired shape, thickness, and length. All you have to do now is just follow the TAUPE line and flick away with confidence!

The Foolproof (and KLUTZ-Proof) Way to Apply Liquid Liner!
A: Try to "land" your eye liner brush mascara ready lashes, use the root of the lash as a landing point to guide your stroke with confidence!
B: Look at the mirror front on, chin up as to expose the eye lid for the best access of your entire eye lid. Don't try to pull your eye lid outwards as this causes a false sense length when applying any eye liner.
Try a soft and gentle flick towards the outer temples of the forehead.
C: Remember, you can always start with a small and thin line, once you get a good line going take a second go with the eye liner brush and build your thickness and length! -DO IT!

2. L'OREAL:  Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black
Retail: $8.99US Buy Here
Shades: Carbon Black (my favorite) Black Mica, and Earthen Rock Brown. 

Why I love it: I actually have several of these in my makeup kit, I hoard them of fear I will run out of eye liner on on job!

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Watercolor Art Brushes to apply your eye liner! (HELLO)
Buy Here

When I use liquid eye liner and I'm not feeling the brush it comes with, I pack my brush kit with cheap synthetic watercolor painting brushes. These are perfect for dipping perfect amounts of liquid eye liner and designing any shape of eye liner with ease and precision.
The synthetic watercolor brush cost anywhere from .99c to $2.00 a pack.
So its with joy, frugality and efficiency to find confidence in my architectural approach to lining any eye!

Here are a few of my favorite (at the moment) looks with Liquid Eye Liner