Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Blurred Lines"

My Eye Favorite Eye Liners, Tools,  & Looks!

I was recently asked what my favorite Liquid Eye liner was.
While I, as a male don't use eye liner on myself;  (I could rock a Guy-Liner, NO?) I do frequently use a few of my favorite liquid liners on models, clients, and makeup guinea pigs. (oink!)

OK, let me get some of my favorite products out the way so I can also show you some examples and tools to apply the nerve wrecking liquid black eye liner. Here's a tip, stay cool and no coffee or Red-Bull before applying any liquid eye liner, or you'll end up with a self inflicted raccoon eye!


1: Yves Saint Laurent- "Eyeliner Baby Doll 
Retail: $34US Buy Here
Why I love it? This black eyeliner has a firm yet flexible precision brush that draws a bold, even and long-lasting line. Dries fast into a "very" black line but a firm and steady hand is needed. (and a bit of courage) 

Backstage Tip: Start with a taupe eye shadow and an angle brush to draw your "pre-map" of the desired shape, thickness, and length. All you have to do now is just follow the TAUPE line and flick away with confidence!

The Foolproof (and KLUTZ-Proof) Way to Apply Liquid Liner!
A: Try to "land" your eye liner brush mascara ready lashes, use the root of the lash as a landing point to guide your stroke with confidence!
B: Look at the mirror front on, chin up as to expose the eye lid for the best access of your entire eye lid. Don't try to pull your eye lid outwards as this causes a false sense length when applying any eye liner.
Try a soft and gentle flick towards the outer temples of the forehead.
C: Remember, you can always start with a small and thin line, once you get a good line going take a second go with the eye liner brush and build your thickness and length! -DO IT!

2. L'OREAL:  Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black
Retail: $8.99US Buy Here
Shades: Carbon Black (my favorite) Black Mica, and Earthen Rock Brown. 

Why I love it: I actually have several of these in my makeup kit, I hoard them of fear I will run out of eye liner on on job!

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Watercolor Art Brushes to apply your eye liner! (HELLO)
Buy Here

When I use liquid eye liner and I'm not feeling the brush it comes with, I pack my brush kit with cheap synthetic watercolor painting brushes. These are perfect for dipping perfect amounts of liquid eye liner and designing any shape of eye liner with ease and precision.
The synthetic watercolor brush cost anywhere from .99c to $2.00 a pack.
So its with joy, frugality and efficiency to find confidence in my architectural approach to lining any eye!

Here are a few of my favorite (at the moment) looks with Liquid Eye Liner

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Product Review: Baby Quasar MD Plus
By: Adrian Villa, Los Angeles based Makeup Artist & Esthetician. www.adrianvilla.com

What is Baby Quasar MD Plus? Its an at-home hand held device that uses C-Factor technology, infra-red light that treats wrinkles around the eye area. BabyQuasar
Baby Quasar MD has been in the market for a period of time at retailers like Neiman Marcus , Nordstrom, & online. I was confused at first at why there would be another name of Baby Quasar with a higher price tag? How do I choose between Baby Quasar MD  vs. Baby Quasar,  and is Baby Quasar MD as effective as it claims to be? My answer is, you can expect everything  Baby Quasar does from Baby Quasar MD, and in a faster and time-saving way, with more visible results. 
I started to use the Baby Quasar MD Plus around my eye area for  3 1/2 months. I used the machine with the Hylauronic Serum  that came along with the kit. I read the instructions and followed them as it stated, which was easy to do. I found the larger head on the machine larger than the previous model, which was better because it targets a larger area in one easy use. I really liked the way the serum felt & smelled and did not leave my skin feeling heavy or sticky after I applied it, the serum immediately was absorbed into my skin. 
According to official statement,  Baby Quasar MD Plus is 3x more effective but you only need to pay 2x more money than the older version. ($795)  But, you only need 1-2 times light therapy per week using your Baby Quasar MD, compared with 3-4 time on a Baby Quasar

  • Powerful four wavelengths of light
  • Treats wrinkles around the eyes which are the 1st signs of aging for both women & men
  • For all skin types, skin tones, and ages
  • Time saving and effective, NO trips to the SPA or Dermatologist office. 
  • You can travel with it as it comes with a convenient & protective case
  • Minimizes enlarged pores 
  • Easy and quick to use 
  • Easy to clean and store 
  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • 50% stronger than any previous models
  • Proud to say MADE IN THE USA*
  • Class II medical device 
  • More even skin tone, better skin texture and softening of lines
  • Smoother, tighter and more supple skin
  • Decreased hyper-pigmentation and rosacea
  • Stopped acne or acne-like pustules
  • Smaller disappearing bump & spots
  • Very expensive -but can save you money on painful chemical peels or surgery! 
  • It’s more expensive than Baby Quasar, but it’s indeed more effective! I highly recommend this product. 

Watch My Video HERE: 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adrian Villa at SmashBox Studios

Adrian Villa creates magical makeup for a global advertising campaign for makeup and fragrance beauty brand. Hair by Emmy Award winning Hair Stylist Curt Darling for www.CurtDarling.com

Watch behind the scenes here! Enjoy & thank you for watching!


Adrian Villa

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Words that I live by- Listen, Grow, and Apply on a daily basis!
Hope you guys like my new video!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adrian Villa at Milk Studios

Behind the scene at MILK STUDIOS LOS ANGELES
Global Beauty Advertising Campaign
With Emmy Award Wining Hair Stylist Curt Darling for Curt Darling Salon in DTLA. for more info on Curt and his Organic & Vegan Hair Care visit www.CurtDarling.com
Makeup by Adrian Villa @ www.AdrianVilla.com
Makeup Assistant by Brooke Michelle
Photography by Brian Hodges


Friday, September 2, 2011

Male Grooming & Professional Etiquette

When it comes to men and makeup- there is always an  etiquette approach when working with men.
Tip: When you introduce yourself, Say, Hi, My name is ___________________, and Ill be grooming you today. vs Saying, Hi' My name is __________ and I'm your "makeup" artist- .

Men are more  likely to feel more open to the word "grooming" rather to "makeup artist" where that word could be "offensive" or "make them feel not like they don't need MAKEUP".

Be yourself as a makeup artist and just make sure you keep professional (No flirting)

I remember one of my colleagues doing Eminem's grooming and he really didn't talk that much to her, but kept his conversations with her very professional and very short. Some actors wont even talk to you, just stand back, do your job, and be polite.

MEN'S GROOMING KIT- Keep a separate kit for Men Only
1. Tinted Moisturizer
2. Loose Translucent Powder
3. Powder Puff
4. Clear Brow & Lash Gel
5. Brown Mascara: Could be mixed with clear to sheer it out and make lashes look more natural
6. Shaving Cream
5. Disposable Shavers
6. Hair Comb
7. Hair Styling Products (Hair Spray, Gel, Palm aid, Vaseline, etc.
8. Natural Matte Eye Shadows in brown, taupe, black, grey, rust, white, and beige.
9. A Matte Bronzer
10. Lip Balm
11. Concealer
12. Mints (for you and your client)
13, A tooth brush & tooth paste- Just in case. Or to use to comb makeup & powder off the hair line!
15. Cape
16. A Black Matte Eye Shadow- Sometimes you will need to color in hair lines or bald spots for TV
17.A GREY MATTE EYE SHADOW will fill in a mustache or a beard, or create a 5 O'clock Shadow
18. Floss
19. Glycerin to make skin dewy, or mix with water to create a sweat look (mix 50/50 with water in a bottle)
20. Pore Minimizer and Mattifier - clear if possible
21. Toner to control oil- Cotton Rounds
22. Q-Tips- for obvious reasons and to clean up
23. Deodorant


I personally love using and having in my celebrity male grooming kit 

Deep Pore Cleansing Clay (Travel Size 2.0 oz $10.00
Buy: http://www.anthony.com/store/product/deep-pore-cleansing-clay-2oz/

I love to use this product because not only does it cleanse and prepares the skin, absorbs excess oil, and tightens pores. Apply Leave on for 2-5 minutes, and wash off with a wet cotton round. EASY & EFFECTIVE! Its for all skin types, allergy tested, and fragrance free!

Astringent  2.0oz $8.00  Buy: http://www.anthony.com/store/product/astringent-2oz/
Whats not to love when using this product helps in finishing cleaning the skin, toning and balancing the ph of the skin. It tightens pores, soothes the skin, and controls oils. It contains Witch Hazel so its natural, and infused with Aloe Vera to sooth, calm, and hydrate the skin organically.  Apply with cotton rounds especially on the T-zone and Forehead.

Citrus Lip Balm (Guys Love This)$8.00
Buy: http://www.anthony.com/store/product/lip-balm-citrus/
A combination of beeswax, carnauba and candelilla (plant waxes) protect lips against environmental elements, avocado oil and rice bran oil moisturize and soothe, vitamins A and E, and help lips retain moisture.

The Portable Manicure Kit  Buy: http://www.anthony.com/store/product/the-tool-kit/
This portable manicure set for men contains a stainless steel nail file, nail clipper, tweezer and grooming scissors stored in a cool, brushed aluminum canister to provide convenient, travel-sized implements for the put together guy on-the-go.


  • When applying foundation, make sure to blend onto any facial hair with a damp sponge, you don't want a cast of foundation making the hair look ashy. Be aware of how concealer and foundation make facial hair. 
  • Come out powder out of facial hair. When done with the makeup and powder application, take a tooth brush, brow gel, or brow comb through the eye brow and hair line. This will remove any residue away from the hair. 
  • You should mix 50/50 of your foundation with a moisturizer to make a sheer coverage. Set with a clear powder with a powder puff and not a brush. A puff will lock powder in and buff the surface better. 
  • When contouring Men's faces- keep more geometric shapes rather than round contours. Men's faces are more square, or oblong in shape. i.e a more masculine jaw line is square versus a feminine oval.
  • Working with concealers can be tricky- LESS IN BEST! 
  • AVOID using too much foundation and powder- Always go the more natural sheer look. 
  • Avoid using harsh black eye liners & mascara- It tends to look too false. 
  • Is you have a light skin tone model and his lips are rosy or red- mix a small amount of clear lip balm with a concealer to give a sheer coverage and remove any fleshy toned color. 
  • Avoid FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATIONS- If your model or client has acne or scars- the last thing you want to do is attract more attention to the problem. Just try to even out the color and keep an eye out for any texture! 
  • Study the mans face shape vs a women's face shape- Distinguish shapes, contours, and lines of the face. 

As always, be yourself! 

Here are some images of good male grooming

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dr. Murad's Relaunch SUCCESS!!!!!

I was recently invited to attend a VIP Event in Beverly Hills for the relaunch of  Dr. Murad's Skin Care Products and His new Hybrids line- "Makeup That Does More". My team and I where treated to facials, massages, and pampering with Dr. Murad's Skin Care Specialists and had an absolute wonderful time!

Below is my Review on some of the many products I love, But I also wanted to give you the IN on the Dr. Who is truly changing the way WE THINK ABOUT MAKEUP!


Dr. Howard Murad took the time out to speak to me and show me some of his newest products. I loved that he took the time to personally show me how his products was made, how it felt, and why he took his time in developing each one of his products. Below are a couple of points on why I stand 100% behind Dr. Murad and why you should too! 
  • Board-Certified Dermatologist
  • Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine (Dermatology), UCLA
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (FAAD)
  • Pharmacist
  • Holder of 18 dermatology-related patents
  • "One of the country's best dermatologists."—Vogue
Now if if you (for any reason) need more convincing- http://www.murad.com/dr-murad/biography.jsp


Skin Perfecting PRIMER- Acne & Shine Control $35.00 US
I 100% stand behind this amazing product, Its a must have in my Skin Care Kit both as a PRO-Makeup Artist but in my Skin Care Regime at Home & on the GO! I tired this product out on my 33 year old, oily, acne prone, uneven skin with large pores and just saw immediate instant results. The mild and sheer tint allowed me to smoothly and evenly apply the product on where I needed it the most. My 
T-Zone, Chin, and Forehead. Here are a few points on WHY I REALLY LIKE IT! 

  1. Comes in a SLEEK black container that fits comfortably in my vanity and in my Kit. I love the pump which allows you for small amounts and avoids waisting the products! SMART DESIGN! 
  2. Contains .5% Salicylic Acid which fights acne and controls future break outs 
  3. Smooths to a NICE MATTE & VELVET FINISH 
  4. Reduces OIL and minimizes pores
  5. Comes in a universal tone which evens out the skin.
  6. 1.0 Fluid Ounce  "A little goes A LONG WAY" Less is more!

SECOND REVIEW is Dr. Murad's Acne Treatment Concealer Stick  (DARK SHOWN BELOW) 

I have to say That I AM SO GLAD Dr. Murad has decided to add Acne fighting ingredients to concealer products. I mean if I had a $1.00 for each person that tells me that THEIR CONCEALER BREAKS THEM OUT I COULD BE RICH BY NOW! This emollient concealer is a must have in my book, not only does it conceal imperfections but also stops & controls acne! It come in 3 shades, Light, Medium, and Dark. 

Here is Why I Love it! 

1. You don't need a PX to get this! 
2. It has 2.0% Salicylic Acid to help fight acne- DON'T USE NEAR THE EYE AREA. 
3. It retails for only $21.00 USD, how much does your Acne Treatment & Concealer Cost? 
4. You don't need a setting powder as it dries to a matte finish- 
5. You only need a very small amount, its rich in pigment and covers very well. 
6. The DARK shade truly works well for African American Skin as the shade is warm and does not dry to an ashy finish! LOVE THAT! 

Product Review #3

Soothing Skin & Lip Care/ Cuticle Care Pen $16.00 USD

As part of my makeup application, As a makeup artist I am to ensure that skin looks best before applying makeup. The better your skin looks & feels, the less makeup you truly need.
This intensely hydrating clear products soothes, protects, and exfoliates dry, dehydrated chapped skin to perfection. So your lips, nail cuticles, dry skin, and other dry rough spots can be taken care of without a prescription!

Here is WHY I LOVE IT!

1. It comes in a sleek pen design, clicks small amounts to avoid waist!
2. Comes with a ANTI-MICROBIAL self cleaning tip to stop germs dead in their track!
3. The Tip of the pen is a gentle but sturdy cuticle pusher to let your nail bed become healthy!
4. This product was designed initially for rashes and to hydrate irritation, dryness, and chapped skin.
5. Gently soothes, cools, and heals skin while it gently and effectively exfoliates. 

You don't have to take my word for it, but if you would like to try or buy http://www.murad.com/

Disclosure: All of the reviews where done in a honest and non-filtered manner. I was not paid or suggested that I do a review as part of being an attendee of Dr. Murad's VIP Party. The comments, reviews, and opinions in the blog are 100% the opinion and self test of Adrian Villa and his team.

Thank you for reading, comments are always welcomed!