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Isle DO! The Ins & Outs of the Bridal Industry

The Bridal Industry has always been to me an avenue that brings me constant business. Most of my clients now come to me from a referral and word of mouth. That doesn't stop me from   marketing myself to clients in that particular industry, my approach to brides is way different than any other part of the industry. My ultimate goal is to be the ultimate service provider, and make her feel and look beautiful (in her own way). As an artist, we should feel amazing taking part in a woman's most important day on her life. 

5 Tips to a successful bridal business 

  1. Market yourself towards the bridal industry: Close attention to your business cards, website, service menu, and your email signature is very important. Have images that relate to this special business. 
  2. Knowing everything & everyone in this business only makes you more marketable. Making connections and making yourself to wedding coordinators, wedding stylist, hair dressers, and many more industry related people can bring you more business. Let people know who you are and what you do! 
  3. Your Bridal Portfolio- If communication is your weakness, then the best thing for you to carry along with you other than your makeup kit is a book of references. 
  4. Bridal Contract: It is important for you to follow strict professional business practices so that your clients take you serious and know what they are signing up to. As a independent contractor you will need to have your own Bridal Contract. I will have a link of an example for you to review. This is also great because it sets high expectations and clear communication. 
  5. Let your clients know how much they mean to you and your business. One of the best things to do is to write hand written thank you cards, not emails to your clients. This takes your image to a whole new level.
Makeup Services Menu and Examples 
Makeup Artist Service Rates
  • Bridal Trial (Studio Only) - $75.00 
  • Traditional Bridal Makeup - $175.00 (On location) 
  • Air Brush Bridal Trial (Studio Only) - $90.00
  • Air Brush Makeup Application - $275.00 
  • Brides Maids $125.00 
  • Men’s Grooming $100.00 
The above service menu is per hour. Additional attention and more time is listed below. Please choose from Day rate or Half day rate. 
Day Rates (On Location)
  • * Day Rate - $700.00 
Many Brides may request Shelly to customize 2 looks, 1 for the ceremony and another for the evening. The artist will stay for up to 7 hours touching up the bride to assure assure picture perfect makeup! Additionally, the Bride keeps the following products for her honey moon touch ups! Powder Foundation, Lipstick, and Lipgloss. ( A $90.00 value) 
  •         * Half Day Rate  - $350.00
    The artist will stay for up to 4 hours to maintain consistency throughout the wedding. Assuring that makeup for photographs and ceremonies are kept beautiful and perfected. 
Additional Makeup Services 
  • Customized Lashes - $20.00 (Individual or Strip) - This is a undetectable lash application that is artistically cut to fir your eyes. Using hand made natural hair and water proof to last all night.
  • Tattoo Coverage - Starting at $15.00 up to $30.00 each and depending on the tattoo's size and color. Coverage is waterproof and non-transfer resistant. 
  • Body Tanning (Air Brush) - $175.00 *Does not streak, smell, and dries with in 7 minutes. Color will show in 1 day. This application is only available 3 Days prior to wedding day.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Groom's grooming - $100.00. This is a no makeup look that ensures picture perfect skin, and facial hair grooming. 30 minutes is required for the groom. 
  • Body Washing- $50.00 - A light weight makeup application to the d├ęcolletage, arms, and back (where exposed) to cover redness, pimples, and discoloration. 
TOP 5 Bridal Tips to communicate with your brides. 
  1. Never TAN on the day of your wedding! Tanning should be a natural and gradual service that usually starts up to 2 1/2  weeks prior to the Wedding date. 
  2. DON’T go for FACIALS days before the wedding! Although facials are great, you can really bring out acne congestion from with in the skin and wake up with pimples on the day of the wedding. Try to work with your Aesthetician weeks before your wedding. 
  3. Don’t try a new skin care regime, you don’t know if you might have an allergic reaction on the products and experimenting is not ideal! 
  4. Don’t try a new hair cut or hair color. ITS A CHEMICAL disaster waiting to happen! Consult your hair stylist weeks before the wedding, 
  5. DO eat plenty of healthy foods that can benefit the skin! Like Salmon, grains, and fruit! 
  1. Drink plenty of water to push stress and toxins away from your skin, This will also plum up your skin and give it a healthy appearance. 
Questions to ask the Bride:
  1. What DON’T you want to look like on your wedding day?
  2. What colors and textures DON’T you like? 
  3. What colors do you want to use on your eyes, lips, and cheeks?
  4. Are you being photographed in color, black & white?
  5. Are you being filmed in HD?
  6. What is your theme of the wedding?
  7. What time of the day is the wedding?
  8. What is the color and story for the brides maids?
  9. Will you be changing your dress after the ceremony?
  10. Are you allergic to any type of makeup? Any particular ingredient?
  11. Do you wear false lashes? - Are you allergic to LATEX? 
References that are valuable to you!
Books: The Business of Bridal Beauty, Maurer
Makeup: The Art of Beauty: Mason
Wedding Ceremonies: Ethnic Symbols, Costume & Rituals (Baldizzioni.) I Do: 100 Years of Wedding Fashion (Cox)
Magazines: Inside Weddings, Continental Bride, Sposabella
Websites: theknot.com, weddingchannel.com, nymetro.com, theperfectface.com, adrianvilla.com, http://www.adrianvilla.blogspot.com

Most Requested Makeup Looks

Natural: Natural makeup is soft, beautiful, and balanced. Yet it needs to be strong enough for pictures. This does not necisarilly mean more foundation, but subtle contouring and defining the eyes.

Smokey Eyes:    Keep in mind that this look has its diversity when it comes to the amount of color saturation with the smoked eye. Having a few variations as visual can help you determine the amount of depth of color you will apply to your bride. I mean, I have had brides request a GLITTERY SMOKEY STRIPER EYE- if that's what she wants who are we to say NO! We are to interpret makeup concepts, not dictate them! 

Classic Modern Bride 

Attention on the Lips:

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Adrian Villa's new blog: VIDEO

Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to take a few minutes to THANK YOU ALL for your amazing support and sharing my links. (Very nice of you all!) 
My mission is to simply educate those who want to learn on how to get their feet into this industry, no matter if your not in Hollywood. You can apply all my ideas, tips, and examples to your real life to start or to continue your road to success! 

If you ever need advice on a certain issue- feel free to email me and I will be glad to help out! 
e. adrianvilla02@gmail.com 

Kind regards, 

Adrian Villa
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Managing Your Makeup Career in Film or TV

The Film and TV makeup industry is a totally different vibe than runway, bridal, or photo shoot experiences.
Filming on set can be a long day with lots of waiting and checking consistency of makeup and lots of craft services (my favorite). I always joke that you can earn a secondary degree online while you wait for filming.

Most artist beginning their career in this industry getting unpaid jobs doing makeup/hair for student films, which is a great way to jump start your career! Most film students move on to paid jobs so making strong connections is very important, they tend to take people  with them to the top whom helped them when they where just beginning. - Classic story! It always happens! Trust me!

What you need to know and be aware of about this industry:

  • The Makeup Union 
  • Working on set
  • Who to know and why
  • What to do when arriving on set 
  • Understanding paperwork - Getting paid 
  • How TV makeup differs from print makeup
  • On Set etiquette 

Getting the job:
  1. You will need to call or go to your local Film School or Academy and get the name of students currently doing student films projects.
  2. Make sure you ask open ended questions in order to fulfill the requirements of the job. i.e makeup looks, how many actors, female or male ratio, what type of theme or style the makeup will be done, who will be the hair dresser, will there different locations to shoot at? etc. 
  3. Your Makeup kit will need to be cleaned and organized in order to produce great clean work. 
  4. Your tools of the trade must be fully stocked. i.e. q-tips, cotton rounds etc.
  5. Attention you details when it comes to scheduling is imperative. Start by adding reminders on your schedule. 
  6. Make sure you update your phone and email message to represent a professional etiquette. 

On Set, You Observe and learn! 

Come to the set to know where everyone and everything is positioned.  Note where the camera/ actor/ talent/ director are all located. This is crucial for you to know. Decide where the best place for you to be or NOT TO BE. 

On Set Etiquette: Silence IS GOLDEN! 
A makeup artist/hair dresser should always be SEEN working, not talking and especially not gossiping! Let people see you not hear you. If you are at a level 12 and everyone is chillen at a level 6, bring it down a couple of levels. 

Find out what kind of shot will take place. (close up/ medium/ wide shot) Know your lenses. If you don't ask the camera guy. He will be a great asset to you! 

Always direct your questions to the 1st AD (Assistant Director) 
Know who's who so they can assist you.

Know and understand your lighting with makeup- this will let you know how much or little is required.
The monitor is your friend, keep a close eye on the screen and check in detail all features (eyes, lips, foundation, powder, consistency, balance and such). 

Keep a loaded ON SET bag with quick touch up makeup supplies ready. This prevents you waisting time going back and fourth. 

The UNION:http://www.local706.org/
Please check website for current information as some requirements have changed and are in the process of changing. Thank you! 

All this information is based on my past and personal on set experience. There will be a section 2 added to this. Please stay tuned. 

Please share and send to help other professionals in the industry. 


Adrian Villa
the makeup artist

Network your way to RICH Relationships

Many years ago, I was given a little book called "Little Black Book of Connections" by Jeffery Gitomer.
A book smaller than a check wallet with dictionary valued information.

What this 204 page book taught me was the following. See, its not just good enough to know how to do hair or makeup, that only takes you to your next step on that long stair case, rather it "empowers" you on how to clearly connect with people who you want to do business with, and in return gain people who want to do business with you. A relationship is born! BUT, what you do and how you nourish this relationship is up to you.

Tip" "Connecting is all about your friendliness, YOUR ability to engage, and your willingness to give value first. When you combine those 3 attributes, you will have uncovered the secret of powerful connections that lead to RICH relationships."

  1. Many people try to do everything on their own. Either they feel uncomfortable using their connections, or they don't know them well enough to ask for a favor. BIG MISTAKE! 
  2. Universal Truth of connecting, Its not who YOU know, its who knows YOU!- put yourself in the market as someone of value, create the law of attraction!
  3. Be friendly, open, and shine! Friendly breeds likability and trust. People do real business with people they trust. Smile, people who smile are 100 times more attractive than people who don't.
  4. Protect your self image in a way that breeds confidence in others. A firm handshake with a smile,  connecting and having eye contact. 
  5. Have a POSITIVE attitude and outlook. Positive attitudes will breed positive responses and positive results. 
  6. Take a genuine interest in people before you can ask them to take a genuine interest in you
  7. Provide Value in order to build a solid connection, there must be a value connected to the exchange. One-sided connections are SHORT LIVED. 
  8. Joining organizations is not an option, its an imperative is you seek powerful connections. 
  9. If you SCHMOOZE, YOU LOOSE.- its idle talk, gossip chatter, and meaningless dialogue.
  10. Staying in touch. Communicate value to every connection, every week! 

Make this little book a BIG asset to YOUR business no matter how big or small, no matter if your a new business or an old business.

Get the book:

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MUA & Hair Portfolio


A Portfolio is a well presented book with photographs of your most current up to date work.  This important marketing tool is vital to your success, thus is why you should pay close attention to its content and details. If you are starting off in the industry, its OK to have just 5 pictures that showcase the variety and diversity of your work. Think about the mood, style, and feeling that you want your pictures to look like. What are you trying to specialize in, what type of work do you want to gain from your book?

Things to consider:

  1. RESEARCH: When starting on your book there are 3 main "PRIME LOOKS" you need to capture. A) Beauty  B) Editorial  C) Creative.  Creative is great but make sure not to go overboard and make your work look professional, clean, polished, and fashionable. Look at magazines and other references to get HIGH FASHION INSPIRATION. Tip: You can have a variety of each prime look, as long as your pictures tell a story. 
  2. Who do YOU ADMIRE? Look at top leading makeup artist in the industry and look at their website, what make them popular and what makes people want to hire them? Learn to pin point the visual of their work and concepts. It takes time but it can and will happen to you. We all start from somewhere! 
  3. Testing: Finding the right photographer to collaborate with is very important, don't just go with the 1st photographer online. The photographer must understand and appreciate your goal and vision. Testing with more than 1 photographer will get you a very diverse portfolio. AND NO, you do not pay a photographer to test with you, its really for all involved benefit. 
  4. Determine what area of the industry you want to work in: Beauty, Fashion, Photography? And see examples of work that makeup and hair people in that particular industry are currently doing. 
  5. Pictures should be 5 X 10 in color. They should be clear and clean when inserted into your portfolio. 

Now that you know a little bit more and are encouraged and empowered, you also need to know that in today's technologically advanced times decision makers, Booker's, and agents also require an online link to your portfolio. I have  done one with my Mac Book Pro very easy with movie maker. Other computers non mac have a similar program. This is a great way to send your work to multiple people without wait and  traveling.  A online reel should be under 2 minutes. If you are going to apply music make sure its not TECHNO nor OPRA, keep music modern and moderate. 







If you like this post- please share it with others and please comment. As always, I appriciate and value your time, comments, and feedback! 

peace and love, 

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Mastering the Art of the BROW - An architectural approach

The Brow- A powerful feature that is often neglected. 

At this time, most people should know how to tweeze (not pluck, you pluck a chicken) the eye brow, but most people don't know a few tricks of the trade to get the best ideal brow shape to fit their face shape, eye shape, and thickness. 

Lets start with the Face Shape and how that plays an important role in determining the shape of the brow. 

Long Face Shape: This face shape should really pay attention to high arches and elongated points in the brow as it can make the face appear longer. A flatter brow shape can soften and round out the face and compliments the length of the face. 

Round Face Shape: Your goal here is to make the shape appear less round by making the face appear longer.  You can simply achieve this by arching and slightly thinning the brows (as natural as possible) to remove weight and heaviness. You want your brows to achieve a slight angled look vs rounded and flat. 

Square Face Shape: A square jaw is a strong feature and can be balanced with a strong brow or soften it with curves.  A defined sharp peak at the arch can make the brow appear stronger and is recommended.

Tools of the Trade to create and maintain:

  • Slanted Tweezers by Tweezerman   http://www.tweezerman.com/
  • Clear Brow Gel - I really like MAC Clear Brow Gel as it stays put and no smell 
  • 2 Brow Pencils- 2 Shades lighter than your hair color. Darker to sketch in brow hair, and lighter one to fill in the brows for a natural sculpted look. 
  • Beauty Scissors- Use to trim long unruly hair- comb hair up and cut off extra long hairs. 
  • Hot water with a cotton face towel- This helps to open the bulb of the hair root, making tweezing easy breezy and pain free. 
  • For sensitive skin when tweezing, apply baby Oragel and wait 2 minutes before applying. 
  • WhichHazel to disinfect and close the pores after tweezing- Great to preclean your tweezers also. 
  • Brow Comb -Spinnel Brush
  • White eye liner to sketch out unwanted hair and give you an initial shape to tweeze unwanted hair away. Its your road map with clear visible direction. 

Best Shades

Blond: Use a Taupe Color with a cool undertone, warm undertones may turn red or orange on your face once it oxidizes on your skin.

Brown Hair: Use a warm brown, not cool as it can make your skin look green or sallow. Try 2 shades lighter than your hair color.

Black Hair: Use a combination of cool and warm shades to create balance in color. Usually one color would suffice. DONT do a black shade, its too heave and way too dramatic.

What do I think about stencils- If you go to the trouble of buying or needing a stencil- DONT! Leave the shaping and instruction to a real expert.

The Final Checklist: Dos and Don'ts

Lets begin with the BIG NO NO's and then what can can do!

  1. Never tweeze with out a plan, make your ideal shape first with your white pencil. 
  2. Never tweeze into the basic eyebrow itself. Tweeze only stray hair. 
  3. Avoid eye liners as brow pencils, they contain too much oils. Eye brows already produce oil as it is a hair. 
  4. Dont remove more than 1 hair at a time- 
  5. Play it safe- sanitize your hands and tools. 

OK, now the Good things!

  1. Do plan first before you tweeze, stop and take a look your balance and symmetry of your shape. 
  2. Use excellent lighting- Day light is the best. 
  3. USe finishing gel before powder to set and forget the shade on your eye brow.

For Pro Makeup Artist in the industry, I really recommend that you read and buy THE EYEBROW BOOK by Author & Artist: Robyn Cosio with Cynthia Robins. Its a beautiful read and takes you from centuries and the HISTORY of the brow. Its a must read! 

love & peace, 

Adrian Villa
the makeup artist 

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When I talk to many makeup artist, stylist, and hair dressers about books and references that they have or have heard of most of them have the usual recycled old KEVIN AUCOIN book. By all means you should have it, its a must have. WELL that is not GOOD enough, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE BEST of the best. 

The ONE book that will literally take you from behind the makeup counter, to working on sets is 
THE HAIR, MAKEUP, & STYLING CAREER GUIDE by Author Crystal Wright. This top selling book has everything you need and want to know.  You will learn 

Whether you are a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist, manicurist, or just have a yin for fashion, achieving the status of a top celebrity stylist in this highly competitive, $4 billion beauty industry means planning to work and working the plan.

The "Career Guide" is a virtual Step-by-Step instruction guide on: 

–getting jobs,
–finding an agent,
–testing with photographers,
–building a book,
–setting a day rate for your services,
–creating a comp card
–negotiating with art directors, editors, producers,
–formulating a resume
–assisting, and much much more!

Throughout the book, celebrity styling agent Crystal Wright illustrates her professional philosophies with quotes, advice and anecdotes from well known art directors, photographers, fashion editors, record company executives and artists representatives, many of whom are pictured throughout the book. Each chapter also includes space for notes.

Crystal Wright's Hair, Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide is the OFFICIAL text book for fashion styling courses at the following prestigious colleges:

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) - New York
Miami International University (Art Institute)
The International Academy of Design - Orlando
George Brown University in Toronto, Ontario Canada 

WORKSHOPS by Crystal Wright 


Join Crystal Wright, author of The Hair, Makeup and Styling Career Guide, for an action-packed 2-Day “Build Your Portfolio and Marketing” is a “mini-MBA” course for freelance stylists you'll master the basics of self-promotion, goal-setting, creating a portfolio to show agents and talent executives, how to get on the assistants lists, how much to charge and how to negotiate. They are equipped with the right tools to launch a career in print, video, film, and TV. 

You can read all about it and make your own educated decision by visiting WWW.CRYSTALWRIGHTLIVE.COM 
I did and made my world and career lots better! 

with love, 

Adrian Villa 
the makeup artist 

So im a Makeup Artist, NOW WHAT?

Many recent makeup artist tend to get lost in the beginning of their career and shortly after graduating from a makeup school. Its common to feel lost, mislead, frustrated, and many just give up.

One of the main reason this happens is because YOU really don't follow up with your goals and aspirations of YOUR own career. But don't feel bad, most people can get that feeling too! ( I did once upon a time 14 years ago).

Step 1 - Its always about education, practicing, and growing! 

Step one is to continue to practice at home with friends, neighbors, and family. Honing your skills and always practicing is a secret of many professional makeup artist. "You must become 1 with your brushes, makeup, and SKILLS". Practice makes perfect, and perfect get your paid! Remember to take digital photos of your work so you can compare and see the growth and development of your skills. Lear to note and seek the difference when you start to become GREAT! Ask the opinion of other makeup artist so that they can also see your progress in others eyes and their assessment of your work.

Step 2 - Creating your portfolio and marketing collateral- YOU, as the brand! 

Once you have studied and practiced your little heart out, your next step is to TEST SHOOT with a photographer. This is very easy and very important to start to build your portfolio and your image. Testing is important for all parties involved, you, the photographer, model, and stylist. TFP means TRADE FOR PICTURES and its a term you need to be familiar with. At test shoots basically no once gets paid, you might even need to purchase extra makeup and supplies for this day of testing.  Doing a TFP shoot is a great way to get a few pictures for your marketing collateral i.e. portfolio, website, business cards, comp cards and social media sites.

Consider telling a story of the makeup that you want to do on the day of the test shoot - make sure to do your research on current trends (www.Style.com) to familiarize yourself with whats relevant and current.
Next is to come up with a mood board of images you have collected and want to use as inspiration (not to copy).

Step 3 - Step 3 is to follow this blog and use it as your bible and go to map for inspiration and guides!

I have no secrets and will not hold back on any information on anything that will allow you to become the best.

with love,

Adrian Villa