Friday, March 18, 2011

Network your way to RICH Relationships

Many years ago, I was given a little book called "Little Black Book of Connections" by Jeffery Gitomer.
A book smaller than a check wallet with dictionary valued information.

What this 204 page book taught me was the following. See, its not just good enough to know how to do hair or makeup, that only takes you to your next step on that long stair case, rather it "empowers" you on how to clearly connect with people who you want to do business with, and in return gain people who want to do business with you. A relationship is born! BUT, what you do and how you nourish this relationship is up to you.

Tip" "Connecting is all about your friendliness, YOUR ability to engage, and your willingness to give value first. When you combine those 3 attributes, you will have uncovered the secret of powerful connections that lead to RICH relationships."

  1. Many people try to do everything on their own. Either they feel uncomfortable using their connections, or they don't know them well enough to ask for a favor. BIG MISTAKE! 
  2. Universal Truth of connecting, Its not who YOU know, its who knows YOU!- put yourself in the market as someone of value, create the law of attraction!
  3. Be friendly, open, and shine! Friendly breeds likability and trust. People do real business with people they trust. Smile, people who smile are 100 times more attractive than people who don't.
  4. Protect your self image in a way that breeds confidence in others. A firm handshake with a smile,  connecting and having eye contact. 
  5. Have a POSITIVE attitude and outlook. Positive attitudes will breed positive responses and positive results. 
  6. Take a genuine interest in people before you can ask them to take a genuine interest in you
  7. Provide Value in order to build a solid connection, there must be a value connected to the exchange. One-sided connections are SHORT LIVED. 
  8. Joining organizations is not an option, its an imperative is you seek powerful connections. 
  9. If you SCHMOOZE, YOU LOOSE.- its idle talk, gossip chatter, and meaningless dialogue.
  10. Staying in touch. Communicate value to every connection, every week! 

Make this little book a BIG asset to YOUR business no matter how big or small, no matter if your a new business or an old business.

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