Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dr. Murad's Relaunch SUCCESS!!!!!

I was recently invited to attend a VIP Event in Beverly Hills for the relaunch of  Dr. Murad's Skin Care Products and His new Hybrids line- "Makeup That Does More". My team and I where treated to facials, massages, and pampering with Dr. Murad's Skin Care Specialists and had an absolute wonderful time!

Below is my Review on some of the many products I love, But I also wanted to give you the IN on the Dr. Who is truly changing the way WE THINK ABOUT MAKEUP!


Dr. Howard Murad took the time out to speak to me and show me some of his newest products. I loved that he took the time to personally show me how his products was made, how it felt, and why he took his time in developing each one of his products. Below are a couple of points on why I stand 100% behind Dr. Murad and why you should too! 
  • Board-Certified Dermatologist
  • Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine (Dermatology), UCLA
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (FAAD)
  • Pharmacist
  • Holder of 18 dermatology-related patents
  • "One of the country's best dermatologists."—Vogue
Now if if you (for any reason) need more convincing- http://www.murad.com/dr-murad/biography.jsp


Skin Perfecting PRIMER- Acne & Shine Control $35.00 US
I 100% stand behind this amazing product, Its a must have in my Skin Care Kit both as a PRO-Makeup Artist but in my Skin Care Regime at Home & on the GO! I tired this product out on my 33 year old, oily, acne prone, uneven skin with large pores and just saw immediate instant results. The mild and sheer tint allowed me to smoothly and evenly apply the product on where I needed it the most. My 
T-Zone, Chin, and Forehead. Here are a few points on WHY I REALLY LIKE IT! 

  1. Comes in a SLEEK black container that fits comfortably in my vanity and in my Kit. I love the pump which allows you for small amounts and avoids waisting the products! SMART DESIGN! 
  2. Contains .5% Salicylic Acid which fights acne and controls future break outs 
  3. Smooths to a NICE MATTE & VELVET FINISH 
  4. Reduces OIL and minimizes pores
  5. Comes in a universal tone which evens out the skin.
  6. 1.0 Fluid Ounce  "A little goes A LONG WAY" Less is more!

SECOND REVIEW is Dr. Murad's Acne Treatment Concealer Stick  (DARK SHOWN BELOW) 

I have to say That I AM SO GLAD Dr. Murad has decided to add Acne fighting ingredients to concealer products. I mean if I had a $1.00 for each person that tells me that THEIR CONCEALER BREAKS THEM OUT I COULD BE RICH BY NOW! This emollient concealer is a must have in my book, not only does it conceal imperfections but also stops & controls acne! It come in 3 shades, Light, Medium, and Dark. 

Here is Why I Love it! 

1. You don't need a PX to get this! 
2. It has 2.0% Salicylic Acid to help fight acne- DON'T USE NEAR THE EYE AREA. 
3. It retails for only $21.00 USD, how much does your Acne Treatment & Concealer Cost? 
4. You don't need a setting powder as it dries to a matte finish- 
5. You only need a very small amount, its rich in pigment and covers very well. 
6. The DARK shade truly works well for African American Skin as the shade is warm and does not dry to an ashy finish! LOVE THAT! 

Product Review #3

Soothing Skin & Lip Care/ Cuticle Care Pen $16.00 USD

As part of my makeup application, As a makeup artist I am to ensure that skin looks best before applying makeup. The better your skin looks & feels, the less makeup you truly need.
This intensely hydrating clear products soothes, protects, and exfoliates dry, dehydrated chapped skin to perfection. So your lips, nail cuticles, dry skin, and other dry rough spots can be taken care of without a prescription!

Here is WHY I LOVE IT!

1. It comes in a sleek pen design, clicks small amounts to avoid waist!
2. Comes with a ANTI-MICROBIAL self cleaning tip to stop germs dead in their track!
3. The Tip of the pen is a gentle but sturdy cuticle pusher to let your nail bed become healthy!
4. This product was designed initially for rashes and to hydrate irritation, dryness, and chapped skin.
5. Gently soothes, cools, and heals skin while it gently and effectively exfoliates. 

You don't have to take my word for it, but if you would like to try or buy http://www.murad.com/

Disclosure: All of the reviews where done in a honest and non-filtered manner. I was not paid or suggested that I do a review as part of being an attendee of Dr. Murad's VIP Party. The comments, reviews, and opinions in the blog are 100% the opinion and self test of Adrian Villa and his team.

Thank you for reading, comments are always welcomed!



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